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The Denver Broncos have filled out their 53-man roster, and now they’ve filled out their 10-man practice squad. Here’s a look at all 10 guys.
The Denver Broncos finished up finalizing their 53-man roster over the weekend, and now they have officially filled out their first 10-man practice squad of the year.

After initially keeping linebacker Josh Watson and offensive tackle Jake Rodgers on the active 53-man roster, the Broncos waived both players on Sunday with the hope of bringing them back as practice squad members.

Both guys cleared waivers, and both have been brought in, per the Broncos, and those two additions round out what was previously an eight-man practice squad.

Over the past few years, players who make the practice squad are highly likely to see regular season action at some point. Of the 10 guys signed onto the practice squad at this time last year, seven went on to play regular-season action for the Broncos or another team.

Guys who replaced them throughout the year were also called up onto the team.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re undrafted (Phillip Lindsay, Chris Harris Jr., many others), a futures contract player (Shelby Harris), someone’s castoff (see four waiver pickups Sunday), or a practice squad player, the Broncos are going to put the best 53 guys up.

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Either that, or injuries will dictate certain moves.

One way or another, the Broncos believe in these 10 players enough to keep them around and develop them. All 10 players were with the team during the offseason.

Let’s meet them.

QB Brett Rypien (rookie)

Brett Rypien was an undrafted free agent out of Boise State in 2019, and was one of the Broncos’ most highly coveted UDFAs.

He didn’t show out in preseason play, which is why the Broncos were able to sneak him onto the practice squad, but he could be a nice developmental project and a great fit for this offense.

RB Khalfani Muhammad (third year)

Muhammad has speed to burn, can catch passes, and can return kicks. I would not be shocked to see him be one of the first guys called up to the NFL roster at some point in the near future.

He had two really good preseason games, and missed some time with injury.

WR Fred Brown (second year)

Brown was a reserve/futures contract player who continually showed out during the offseason and preseason.

The Broncos had him listed on their initial depth chart as their sixth wide receiver, but he didn’t prove himself capable of returning punts, so they kept River Cracraft (and now Diontae Spencer) instead.

He’s got big time speed and showed off nice hands in the preseason.

OT Quinn Bailey (rookie)

Bailey is probably not the former Arizona State lineman Broncos fans thought would be sticking around (2018 sixth-round pick Sam Jones is gone to Arizona) but he played solid in the preseason and looks like he has the ability to develop into an option at right tackle.

OT Tyler Jones (rookie)

Jones was a starting tackle for a couple years at North Carolina State, and reports on him coming out of college noted he would be a good fit for a zone heavy scheme.

I’m sure the Broncos agreed.

Jones was a teammate of Bradley Chubb at NC State.

OT Jake Rodgers (third year)

The Broncos brought in Rodgers, who hast just about played for one-third of the league at this point. After a dismal finish to his preseason, I expected Rodgers to be one of the first cuts, but the Broncos ended up keeping him on the 53 before putting him here on the practice squad.

Rodgers has some history with Mike Munchak from his stint with the Steelers.

DL Deyon Sizer (rookie)

Interestingly enough, Sizer was cut by the Broncos mid-camp and then brought back later. It’s not often you see teams keep guys on the practice squad when they were cut at some point in camp, but the local product Deyon Sizer must have come back to work really hard and make a second first impression.

OLB Ahmad Gooden (rookie)

One of the Broncos’ 2019 undrafted rookies, Ahmad Gooden showed some really nice effort in his pass rush down the stretch of the preseason and is the team’s fifth outside linebacker at the moment.

He’s more power and effort than speed and quickness off the edge.

LB Josh Watson (rookie)

Watson probably did enough in the preseason to make the 53-man roster, but the Broncos opted for some more experience out there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s competing for the third or fourth role again next year with the Broncos. He flies around the field and has excellent speed and coverage potential.

CB Alijah Holder (rookie)

Holder’s college career was hampered by injuries, but he put good enough tape out there to convince the Broncos he should be one of their more highly prioritized undrafted rookies.

The former Stanford Cardinal has nice size and ability to break on the ball, and looks like a potentially good fit in Fangio’s defense.

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