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The Detroit Red Wings remain without a captain. The Wings should be in no particular hurry to appoint a captain, but if the organization doesn’t want to complete another season without a ‘C’ on the ice, the franchise could start the season by creating some buzz amongst the fanbase.
Dylan Larkin appears to be the captain in waiting for the Detroit Red Wings. Larkin recently mentioned he’d like to create some buzz throughout the Wings’ fans to start the season. Larkin was referring to getting off to a good start, winning a few games to start the season. Winning always generates interest. Wings’ fans are some of the most loyal fans in all of sports but losing can quickly test everyone’s patience.

The Wings have endured three losing seasons in a row. That’s something fans are not used too especially after 24 straight seasons of producing a winning record. The organization created plenty of buzz this spring after announcing general manager Ken Holland would be ‘stepping down’ allowing the franchise to hire Wings legend Steve Yzerman to be the next GM in Detroit.

For Wings fans, it’s a dream come true. Yzerman who has a phenomenal track record building a bully of a roster with the Tampa Bay Lightning, yet lacked postseason success. It’s important to mention that although Tampa had a consistent contender they have yet to win a Stanley Cup since Yzerman overtook the franchise.

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In Detroit, Yzerman inherited an uninspiring cupboard or top tier talent, but potentially just enough tier two talent to build around. Plus plenty of Ken Holland’s atrocious contracts are set to expire at the end of this season.

If the Detroit Red Wings are interested in creating more excitement as the NHL season is set to begin; the team should appoint Dylan Larkin as their next captain in a ceremony just before the Wings home opener on Sunday, October 6th.

A couple of things work in Detroit’s favor. Having the home opener on Sunday allows families, kids to attend, etc. It’s much more family-oriented on the weekends it seems. The team will have no problem selling out the home opener, but if fans are aware that Steve Yzerman is prepared to announce the organization’s next captain, fans would surely flock to the arena in hopes to witnessing the pre-game ceremony.

Former Detroit Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg, who abruptly retired last summer due to a lingering back injury has remained in the Metro Detroit area. With the return of Yzerman, the most memorable captain in Wings’ history back in the organization it would set up an incredible moment in Red Wings history.

Imagine Steve Yzerman, and Henrik Zetterberg at center ice presenting current star Dylan Larkin the teams’ captaincy during Detroit’s home opener? What a fantastic scene that would be. I recently read someone suggesting the Wings are waiting for their rival Toronto Maple Leafs to announce a captain so they can take notes and ‘one-up’ the Leafs. Although it’s not true, it’s pretty funny.

The Wings certainly don’t need to announce a captain this season. The Wings are fun to watch but are yet prepared to compete for a championship. The Wings could ride out the season like last year, with three or four alternates. But if Yzerman wants to get a ‘C’ on the ice, October 6th is a perfect time.

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