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Victor Oladipo is hoping to make a strong comeback to the Indiana Pacers this season after suffering a brutal ruptured quad last year. After a long offseason of hard work, the 2019-20 NBA season is closing in on us. Indiana won’t have their star guard back on the court to begin the season, but they are hoping to have him back at some point in December or January.

While it’s disappointing that he won’t be able to start the season, Oladipo has made a ton of progress over the last few weeks.

SLAM Online shared a new video of Oladipo working out and getting shots up. The video was courtesy of brycestanhopetraining on Instagram.

Take a look for yourself and enjoy seeing a much healthier and more athletic version of Oladipo than we have seen up to this point:

Needless to say, this video has Indiana fans excited. Myles Turner also made waves recently when he stated that Oladipo would return “a lot sooner than people think.” Are we in for an earlier return for Oladipo than December?

Very few players would be as motivated as Oladipo was immediately following the injury. He didn’t waste time pouting about getting hurt, he immediately vowed to come back stronger than ever.

From the look of this video, Oladipo is ready to make good on that promise this season for the new-look Pacers.

The Indiana Pacers have the fourth-highest win total in the East in the Vegas over/under. Here are 5 reasons to bet on the over in 2019-20.
When the 2017-18 Indiana Pacers won 48 games, it was hailed as a massive success. Pundits thought they’d lose 50, but the Pacers came one blatant missed goaltending call on LeBron James away from dumping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the 2018 playoffs before falling in seven games.

When the 2018-19 Pacers won 48 games, it was seen as a disaster. The team collapsed down the stretch with Victor Oladipo injured. Team chemistry fell apart during a brutal stretch of schedule in March, and by the time the Pacers got swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics, fans had already checked out. The team finished 4-13 in its last 17 games including playoffs.

This year, though? The team seems to have upgraded everywhere it could and they’ve been rewarded with the fourth-highest over/under in the Eastern Conference on their win total by the Las Vegas sportsbooks.

The over/under of 48.5 says everything you need to know. Another 48-win season will be an underachievement.

Here are 5 reasons to bet the over.

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